Translation By Sara Laviosa

You are going to make a handout and the handout will be an outline summary of the reading which highlights the main points of the reading. Follow APA guidelines in citations and references. As in all summary writing, use paraphrasing mostly (the teacher will check the handout) and use the main points as the same if they are really important, and be sure to credit author(s), when quoting them. (see prompt)

Also, you have to include a discussion question at the end and include the answer of it for me (see sample of discussion question)

You going to write down some speaker notes for me underneath some of the main points that I don’t just read the main points in order to present the article the Translation by Sara Laviosa to the class (see sample of how it should be done) don’t put speaker notes at every main point. The speaker notes mostly explaining and synthesizing some points and especilly the ones who need clarification. Sample provided for you in the materials with their articles to get an idea but please, make them as pullet points and close to sample one and make them easy for me to understand.


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