two photographs showing dress from two different cultures

This assignment is a comparison analysis of two photographs. describe each individual in both photographs.

Remember: Dress is a form of nonverbal communication. Therefore, we can often learn about someone by studying what they are wearing.
Compare and contrast two photographs showing dress from two different cultures. Use the points listed below to help formulate your answers. All responses should be well – organized and must be directly related to the photographs. You must carefully describe what you see in the photographs. You must post the photographs in your response.


1. Is dress a form of artistic expression?

2. Is wearable art a form of fashion?

3. Distinguish differences between social status, ascribed status and achieved status?

4. Are social roles a feature of cultural identity?

5. What are the "types of dress" apparent in these photographs?

6. How does dress alter the physical body to meet needs, such as personal and cultural? What are these needs? What is the foundation for these needs?

7. Based on these photographs, how would you address the terms, physical adaptation and dress?

8. Can you explain these photographs in terms of dress and total environment?


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