Issue Statement or Purpose of this research
Provide brief statement what are the issues, or what are the gaps, why you need to conduct
this research….
Provide briefly a broader view of the topics, context, and nature of problems, current state;
what are missing (gaps), why it is importance, what should be done so you can establish the
need for your research. Then briefly state what you are proposing in this research to achieve
or filling up those gaps.
What is your main focus? What is your emphasis?  What is your limit? …..
What are the main objectives of your research? (Provide as a dot point??)
Expected Outcomes
What are the expected outcomes of your research?  (Provide as dot point)
Expected Deliverables
What are you going to deliver at the end of this project?
Point out some of the possible challenges you may encounter, what are the implication of
those challenges (Provide as dot point), and how would you handle those?
Work Plan
In order to accomplish you project and achieve the objective, provide brief statement how
would like to work on your project. Provide an approximate plan (Gantt chat) showing your
working plan each week (see below as an example)
Curtin Academic Calendar: Semester XX, 20XX (Weeks)
Outcomes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Research literature reviews on topic
Compile Project Proposal
Obtain data, information, and model (??)
Prepare initial Project Proposal and hand in
Task 5,
Task 6
Task 7
Task 8
Begin Report


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