Understanding strategic

Threat group profile. The students will pick a threat group ( a terrorist group ,criminal organization or other instructor approved group) and using the template reviewed attached and reviewed in class, profile the group. Proper citations are required and at least 5 sources are required to meet a minimum mark.

1. Group Profile
Name of Group:
Other Name/Alias:
Group Type:
Area of Operation:
Political Objectives: What is the end goal

2. General
– Group Affiliations: What other armed groups and or political parties are they associated with
– Organization Structure: The covers the entire organization and where the military or armed wing fits
– Command and Control Structure: How the armed wing is structured and functions
– History and Development:
– Organisational Chart:

3. Financial
– Source of Supply:
– External Support:
– Annual Budget:

4. Operational Strategy: How and what type of violence is being used
– Military Capability: What type of operations can the conduct
– Strength
– Recruitment: How are the members recruited
– Tactics:
– Weapons
– Targets:
– Training:

5. Political

– Ideology:
– Political Affiliations: political parties
– Support Base: Who joins and where do they come from: social class ,ethnicity, religion or a particular region.

6. State Response
State Response:

7. Assessment: You must offer an analysis on the group and if violence is achieving its desired ends
Significant Events:
Recent Activities:
Projected Activities:

8. References
Reference: 1)“A Breakdown of Southern Thailand’s Insurgent Groups”, Terrorism Monitor Volume 4, Issue 17, 8 September 2006


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