Understanding the Needs of Children of Parents with Substance Use or Mental Disorders

This is a Social Work class, but it is not being taken to become a Social Worker, so the response can be done through the lense of an educator.

Read the attached vignette and answer the questions below. Please take some time think about the case and provide a thorough case assessment of the client situation discussed within the vignette.
1. What are the children’s needs? What are some of the potential impacts on the children in this case due to parental substance usage? (i.e. development, mental health, etc.)
2. What kind of help might the children need?
3. What are your thoughts about the responsibilities of the child welfare system in this case?
4. What should the child welfare worker do to facilitate getting the needed help for the child?
5. In what ways does/can child welfare policy be used to understand this case? Why? (Please specify which policy/aspects of the policy you identify)


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