Unit 2 Project: System Updates

For Unit 2 project assignment, you will rename the Windows 10 client machine, set times for system updates, determine a power plan and apply those settings, and then set the client system to screen lock within a five-minute threshold. Follow the requirements below for completing this section of the project. If you need additional assistance to complete the tasks, see the additional resource for this unit. Use CIS245L Unit 2 Project Lab Report Preview the document View in a new window to complete your assignment.

Rename Client Machine (25 points)

Rename the Windows 10 client machine to Client1.
Under System, take a screenshot displaying the newly renamed client machine and add it to the lab report.

System Update Run-Times (25 points)

Sonoma Designs has determined they would like any restarts required by system updates to run during off (non-business) hours. To enforce this policy, configure Client1 so that restarts occur during nonworking hours. Set active hours for 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Take a screenshot of your applied setting from Client1 and add this to your lab report.

Power Plan (25 points)

Employees have historically left their desktop monitors running overnight, often with graphics files open and no screen saver. As a result, many monitors have experienced burn-in and needed to be replaced more frequently than Sonoma’s managing partners are happy about. Likewise, they are also concerned about the power wasted on running clients when employees are away.

Determine a reasonable power plan that addresses Sonoma’s concerns, but also allows flexibility for employees who are temporarily away from their machines. Apply these settings to Client1.
Take a snapshot of the power settings from Client1 and add it to your lab report.

Screen Lock (25 points)

Management wants to give their employees the ability to customize their desktop wallpaper and screen saver settings, but require client machines to screen lock after five-minutes of inactivity.

Using a method of your choosing, set Client1 to screen lock with a five-minute threshold.
Take a screenshot displaying this setting and add it to your lab report.


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