Urban land evaluation: land capabilit and suitability:

Urban land evaluation: land capabilit and suitability: Follow the File ‘Stage 3′ carefully and answerthe following questions in your Essay based on the situation giv en in the same file: Questions: 1) By providing supporting evidence either derived locally or elsewhere (reflecting a similar situation) what is the land cap ability and suitability potential ofthe site.
2) Given the potential of the site isthe use ofthe site for rural-re sidential lots one that Narrabri Shire Council should consider?
3) Justify your response to the previous question by highlighting the most likely risks or benefits if the dev elopment proceeds.
4) Conclude with whether the dev elopment should proceed based on your previous analysis. Use the following references: http:/Mwwplannin3.nsw.gov.au/en-us/planningyourre gion/sp atialdata.aspx http:/Mww.census ata.abs.gov.au/census_services/getp
roduct/census/2011/communityprofile/LGA15750 Hannon & Hicks (1980) Soil Conserv ation and Urban Land Use Planning Journal of Soil
Conservation NSW Vol 36 p 134-145. http:/Mww.n arrabri.n sw.gov.au/ http:/Mww.periurban.org.au/
http:/Mww.environrnent.nsw.gov.au/soe/soe2005/chapter4/chp_4.1.htm#4.1.42 Use the references given in file ‘stage 3′ and use and

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