User Acceptance of M-commerce in Saudi Arabia,

User Acceptance of M-commerce in Saudi Arabia, The case of E- ticketing This research will employ both qualitative (questionnaire) and quantitative (semi- structured interview) methods. The reason for this is that both research methods have their own advantages and make an important contribution to my research study. While qualitative methods provide insights into the underlying factors responsible for behavior, helping in predicting future (Sinkovics, Penz and Ghauri 2004) quantitative methods help provide exact and specific findings, which can be statistically analyzed towards specific interpretations. Thus, the qualitative data, will collect through respondent interviews, will provide insights into the respondents’ reasoning for the usage of m-commerce, the quantitative data, will collect through the administration of questionnaires would enable the provision of exact findings, helping us understand the degree of differences in perception as caused by the independent variables under study. The questionnaire thus constructed would be administered to a sample consisting of men and women passengers starting age 21 years specifically (a cultural norm applicable only to Saudi Arabia as men under the age of 21 may not travel by law on there own) up to 69 years of age. Semi- structured interviews conducted only with the Saudi airline staff in facilitating a service provider and performance in E-ticketing via M-commerce.     ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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