using animals for testing

using animals for testing   Paper instructions: Requirements
1. Research essays should have a minimum of three sources, not including dictionaries, general encyclopedias (Wikipedia, Encarta, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.), internet Cliff’s notes (bookrags, enotes, pink monkey, etc), cheat sites (123helpme, All sources should come from the HCC library databases. 2. Research essays should be 4-6 pages (excluding Works Cited page). Four pages means 4 full pages with some writing on a fifth page. 3. Essay must address/refute questions and arguments from the opposition. Audience
Write for a professional audience that might be at best undecided and at most hostile or in opposition to your position. Writing
1. Use the five paragraph essay format: introduction that ENDS with the thesis statement, body paragraphs that support, develop and provide details, brief conclusion that provides a satisfying end, transitions between paragraphs. Research essays may certainly go beyond 5 paragraphs, but adhere to that basic format. 2. Pay attention to strong paragraph development: topic sentences, unity, coherence, and development. 3. Pay attention to the importance of sentence structure: compound, compound-complex sentences, varying sentence beginnings (using phrases, dependent clauses, for instance), and avoiding wordiness. 4. Avoid using the first and second person, unless you are using them as an introduction technique. Cut qualifiers and intensifiers such as “I believe,” “I think” and “It is my opinion that…” 5. Source authors should be referred to by full name and then subsequently by last name only.


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