Value Chain

Students will develop a value chain based on the supply chain(i will upload that paper you should follow or according it then finish this one) for the assigned product or company provided by the course instructor. Students should compute the value generated at each step. The value chain should include based on the students business plan, configurations of resources such as suppliers, factories, warehouses, distributors, technical support centers, engineering design and sales offices, and communication links. Students should show awareness of effective resource allocation and its ethical implications. Specific details for the assignment will be provided by the course instructor.

Components % of Grade

Requirements: Does the student meet the requirements of the assignment and remain focused on the purpose of the assignment 30%
Purpose/Thesis Statement: How does the student frame the content of the assignment? 10%
Content: How well is the content presented? Does the reader gain insight from the assignment? Does the student show awareness of effective resource allocation and its ethical implications? 20%
Writing Mechanics: How well does the student incorporate grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and style into the assignment? 20%
References: Are the selected resources appropriate and sufficient for the purpose of this work? Are they formatted in APA style? 10%
Organization: How well is the content of the paper organized? 10%


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