virtual clinical

The students will analyze and explore leadership and management principles, practices, theories, strategies, and processes with peers in a virtual clinical organization.

****Directions: Read chapters 14, 24 & 26 in your book and respond to virtual clinical questions 1-3 in APA format.

***** Here is the link to the book online, but it only goes up to chapter 4. I will be uploading the pages for chapter 14, 24 & 26!!!

Virtual Clinical Questions:

1. Discuss how many FTE(#) are used to staff your unit (OB/NICU/Nursery) and how you determined this number. Outline the staffing mix used on your unit (number of RNs, LPNs, CNAs and supportive disciplines). Why did you choose this mix?

2. What method of scheduling would be the most successful on the unit (centralized, decentralized, staff-self)? Explain your answer.

3. Identify the major sources of personnel problems on the unit (absenteeism, uncooperative/unproductive employee, immaturity, clinical incompetence, emotional issues, chemical dependency, incivility). What are the causes, how are they resolved, and is the process effective? How are the problems documented?


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