Vision Statement and Values for the organization

The goal of this project is to develop a plan for starting a nonprofit organization. You can create any type of nonprofit organization and you can design it any way you want, but you need to defend your decisions. Draw on empirical research, data from the nonprofit sector, and existing organizations to develop your plan. Cite your sources by providing a citation in the text and including the full reference in the bibliography.

Plan should include the below sections:

Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Values for the organization:

Explain why you selected the particular mission, vision, and values, and assess their strengths and limitations.

Board of Directors:

Describe the types of people you will need on your board and specify its optimal size and composition. Describe your plan for recruiting and developing your board members.


Describe one program your organization will provide and explain
how it will help your organization accomplish its mission. Identify the criteria you will use to measure the success of this program—both in terms of outputs and outcomes. Include a logic model for this program (see Worth p. 152).

Funding Plan:

Describe your organization’s plan for generating revenue. Your plan
needs to include three types of funding sources. Assess your plan’s strengths and limitations. Final paper.


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