VoIP Design and Bandwidth Calculation

Network LAN Design with VoIP and Wireless Services

This section will provide a detailed LAN-design of network with VoIP services, Wireless services, protocols, devices, and interconnectivity, with WAN.

This section includes but not limited to

  • Equipment List
  • Hierarchical IP scheme and VLAN
  • Link IP addresses
  • High Level Diagram
  • Voice and Wireless Design


Equipment List:

Select all networking hardware

Suggested Template


Device Cisco Model# Quantity Comments
Distribution Switches Cat 3850 Series Swiches 2 48 port model, wireless capacity/PoE
Branch office router RV220W Wireless 2 4 port switch, built in firewall
Access Switches Cat 2600 10 48 ports
Network Monitoring System
Fire wall
Cisco Unified Call Manger 2 Voice services


Step 2:

Now name each device as per naming convention (Since it is new company, make it for them)

Suggested template

Device Device Configured Name Placement Connection Comments
Cat 3850 Series switch Data center Switch 1 Data center Distribution Switch

VLAN1, 2, 8


The switch has Inventory server, Payroll server, and VLAN 1, 2, 8
Core Switch 7600 Series CoreRouter1 Room#1014 DSW1 and DSW2 ISP1


Hierarchical IP scheme and VLAN


Create an IP Scheme and VLANS.

I suggest use the table below to create your hierarchical IP addressing scheme.

Location Number of

IP Addresses





Power of 2

Number of

Host Bits

Subnet Address Assigned
Floor1 1500 200 2048 11
Floor2 200 100 500 9
Floor 3 45 20 128 7


Create VLAN: In creating VLAN, I will suggest use organizational structure model for simplicity.


High Level Diagram:

Drawing a network topology diagram is the most challenging task. To overcome this challenge, we need to use Cisco modular technology in upgrading the network in other words top down design approach. The top design approach starts with Application, Devices and infrastructure. You will also use the same approach in designing WWTC network. Select all the applications for the network. Then select the devices needed to run these applications. Now you are ready creating network topology diagram. Since, in WWTC network we have one floor, so all of our devices, application and infrastructure will reside in one floor.

Create subnets. Generally, subnet matches organizational structure. Also, in a large network to increase performance or for security reasons, subnets are created. Furthermore, to accommodate the need of a department, the subnets can be subnetted further or VLANs are created or both. Every organization have subnets and VLANs. Let us say we need 20 VLANs, which will serve client’s requirements, performance and security of the network. Assign these VLANs to switches. For example; you need 3 switches to host 3 VLANs for VPOPR.  The diagram below depicts the scenario.





Sample Network Diagram


For more sample High Level Diagrams, please check these links:

LAN Diagrams Templates


A Basic LAN network Architecture



 Voice Design:

View Slide Show VoIP


Access to Microsoft Server and other tools:

UMUC provides access to MS Dream Spark Premium. Once you register, you will be able to get various Windows and Servers operating systems.  Dream Spark also includes VMWare workstation.

Here is the link to dream spark: http://e5.onthehub.com/WebStore/Welcome.aspx?vsro=8&ws=25a1bf0b-bc9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897


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