Vulnerability Assessments

Quantifying risk is part of continuous monitoring approach. Assuming you have reached agreement to implement this sort of system, the next steps may be to start scanning but eventually you will need to collect the results and communicate back to the business in some coherent, non-technical format.

Vulnerability Assessments can generate hundreds or thousands of potential risks. These are commonly categorized based on the impact of a successful attack and the reasonableness that an attack can occur. For example, it is possible to completely encrypt all of a device’s data during a Ransomware malware attack and there are attackers in possession of these sorts of malware. This could be rated a critical vulnerability. As the impact and ease of attack reduces, so goes the risk rating, from high to low. There is often another category called info. Vulnerability assessments that list information gathered, such as type of operating system is discoverable (i.e., Windows, Linux) or type of website hosting software (i.e., WordPress, Apache, etc.) are not inherently a vulnerability but could be used by an attacker to focus their attacks using known vulnerabilities for these types of systems.


The Dataset is attached, please use it to complete the assignment.


Using the given dataset and this design, create a mockup of a dashboard that will display one organization’s information about their systems.


  1. Web01, (5 critical, 10 high, 20 medium vulnerabilities)
  2. Database03, (3 critical, 10 high, 25 medium vulnerabilities)
  3. ApplicationServer04, (2 critical, 8 high, 35 medium vulnerabilities)


In your assignment, you must include the following:

  1. Devise a numeric score to represent the risk for each system using the values (9.5 average for Critical findings, 7.5 for High findings, 5.5 for Medium findings)
  2. Roll up the numeric score to create a business unit score for each system.
  3. What system would be the most vulnerable based upon your scoring system?


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