War and Revolutions

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You are required to submit at the end of the semester, an extended essay of 10-15 pages in length on the following topic:

War and Revolutions
Discuss the consequences of the major wars and revolutions that occurred in Western and Eastern Europe during the early 19th through mid-20th centuries.

In your essay you should identify and discuss the nature of these conflicts, the parties involved and those responsible for any aggression.

You should also explain and analyze the extent to which these conflicts affected society, politics, and economics both on a domestic and international scale over a period of time. What were their immediate and long-term effects?

Events, movements, etc. that you should take into account in your essay are:

the revolutions of 1830/1832
revolutionary movements of 1848
European global expansion 1870-1914
World Wars I and II
the alliance of European powers
the Russian revolution of 1917 and the creation of the communist state
The Cold War

Any significant conflicts for independence from Western control should also be included (i.e. India and Pakistan, the Israel-Arab conflict, etc.).

Point out the relevance of the events you examine to Western Civilization today.

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