Water For Life

Consider the eleven challenges to life and well-being described in the “Water For People Water For Life” document by the UN (available at http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0012/001295/129556e.pdf) and the issue raised by the “A Water Resources Threshold…” paper (especially the points illustrated in Figure 1 and equations 1, 2 and 3). Once you do that, please craft a brief paper of no more than 1.5 pages text (~550 words) + figures and using at least three references discussing: -What is the main point made by the “Water threshold…” paper? – Is the point made by the “Water resources threshold paper…” consistent with these or not? -How would you prioritize the challenges posed by the UNESCO report and what is your rationale for that order of importance? -For the most important challenge listed in the report, how would you suggest resolving the issue? -Since we have limited resources chose the one least important challenge to which no resources will be allocated and justify why this is the last important challenge to address at the moment? As before, use the assignment template or a reasonable imitation and submit on Canvas as a PDF file. The paper will be graded on: Mechanics: -did you use the paper template and did you remain within the limit of 550 words? -did you use at least three references and were the references used properly? Content: -Are your comments on the “Water resources threshold…” paper reasonable? -Do you prioritize the development challenges, including which is most important to you with a discussion why that is the most important? -Do you give a “not impossible” concept to addressing the most important challenge, and discuss why you think this would work? -Do you discuss the least important challenge, including a discussion of why it is least important at the time?


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