Wave Glider: The 1st Ocean Going Robot

For this assignment, you will choose and write about a film/video. You may view films live or online. You may also search other sources such as TedTalks and YouTube. Write in Memo format.

Memo Format:

TO: Your Instructor Date:
FR: Your Name
SUB: Review of "Name of Film"
Use specific margin headings.
• Introduction (state the purpose of the memo, date you saw the film, and introduce the film’s title, date, director, etc.)
• Discussion (three paragraphs)
o Overall what is the film about? What did you learn?
o How does it apply to your interests, major(*Engineering in this case), career, and/or future?
• Conclusion (strengths/weaknesses/ethical issues/science vs. pseudoscience, etc.)

A minimum of one full page is required.

Format: Single spaced

The video I chose is "Wave Glider: The 1st Ocean Going Robot "
Here is the link of the video on youtube:


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