Question QUESTION 1 National Rights Council a nonprofit organization files a suit against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claiming that a cer?tain federal statute the DOJ is empowered to enforce conflicts with the U.S. Constitution and with a state constitution. In each situation which source of law has priority? QUESTION 2 Pierre Domville was charged with certain crimes when he learned that the prosecutor assigned to his case was a Facebook ?friend? of the trial judge. Domville filed a motion to disqualify the judge alleging that he could not be ?fair and impartial.? The judge denied the motion and Domville appealed. The court?s opinion in the case is atDomville v. State 103 So.3d 184 (Fla.App. 4 Dist. 2013). What court decided this case? What type of court is this? Specifically where can the court?s opinion be found?

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