What does Control Quality monitor and what does it compare the results to?

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The following exercise pertains to the Control Quality process.

a.  What does Control Quality monitor and what does it compare the results to?

b.  Describe inspection.

c.  How do inspection and prevention differ?

d.  What is attribute conformity? What is the resulting decision from attribute measurement results?

e.  Describe the purpose of control charts. What are they used for primarily?

f.    What are the common causes of variance?

Please answer the following questions regarding the Close Project or Phase process and project closeout.

a.  What are the key activities of Close Project or Phase?

b.  Why is formal acceptance and closure such an important output of the closing processes?

c.  What is the purpose of lessons learned during project closeout? Why is it important for project managers to get this information documented? Discuss the successes or failures you’ve had documenting lessons learned on projects you’ve worked on in the past.

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