What life events are pieces of your “breadcrumb trail” to the profession of human services?

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  1. Given your personal breadcrumb trail, what is something that you believe you may encounter that could be a challenge for you in your internship this semester? How will you manage this? Be specific.
  2. What story or case study did you like best in Part 1? Why?
  3. Making rich connections with our clients is an essential component to good practice. Time-sensitive guidelines in the age of managed care, session limits and insurance coverage make for increasing complexity when developing relationships with clients. What are the struggles you face in making connections with your clients? If you haven’t formed therapeutic relationships as of yet in your practicum setting, what challenges might you imagine facing? Be specific.
  4. What do you think of Mary encouraging her clients to “do” specific things like exercise, get a dog, or volunteer? What will you do (or imagine that you will do) to engage clients?

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