white collar crime

white collar crime 1. What is white collar crime? How is it different from Conventional crime? How is the term “Trusted Criminals relevant to white collar crime? What are the characteristics of people who commit it? Why do they commit it? What makes people who commit white collar crime different, or the same, as people who commit conventional street crimes? 2. How Does White collar crime affect society? Who are the victims of white collar crime? How do we measure the cost of white collar crime conventional crime? Why is it difficult to determine the cost of white collar crime?
3. Can the objectives of the penal system Retribution, incarceration, punishment, deterrence, rehabilitation- be reconciled with white collar crime? Which objectives are most appropriate? Why? Which objectives may not be appropriate? Why not? Are the following penal consequences effective-occupational disqualification, restitution, fines, community serve? Which consequences is cost effective? Why?
4. What is the difference between an informant and whistle blower? Why would a person who has knowledge of wrong doing not come forward? What motivates a person to come forward? What policy measures have been established to encourage a person to come forward?
5. Is local law enforcement less likely or more likely to investigate white collar crime than larger law enforcement agencies? Why are? Why not? what types of white collar crimes do the following agencies investigate- FBI, US customs, SEC,US Marshall, a state(Such as NJ), Attorney general?

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