Why did they kill?; Cambodia in the shadow of genocide

The format is that of a review commonly published in a peer-reviewed anthropological (or related social science discipline) journal. A review is not a summary, although it does partly summarizes a book’s main arguments as well as its structure, but it requires you to single out one or two relevant issues or questions which you will further address using the course materials. We ask you for a final verdict, why is this book good or bad, or relevant to your discipline or area studies at large?

The review consists of 6 pages and will be evaluated according to the following criteria (in no particular order):

• Clarity of argument;
• Conciseness;
• Theoretical contents;
• Use of course materials;
• Creativity / originality.

Lay-out: preferably making use of font 12 Times roman or Arial, one and a half space between lines.


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