Why do you wish to be a student in the Robert H. Smith School of Business?

Why do you wish to be a student in the Robert H. Smith School of Business?


When I first became a student in the University of Maryland with a computer science major, I was filled with dreams of achieving something big, but I only had the idea of it, but didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. When many young people like me are eager to do something in this world, but don’t have the right mind-set, succeeding is hard. During the past few years, I had to accept many failures, but those failures helped to become more self-confident and figure out exactly what I wanted to do in my life. One of it was becoming a student in the Robert H. Smith School of Business.


My past experiences at UMD wasn’t very easy and went through a state of condition which wasn’t very desiring that I wasn’t sure what my life had in store for me and also wasn’t expecting much. I was dismissed from the college in Fall 2016, and I didn’t know where to begin. Everyday was tough to pass by as there was nothing in my mind other than being a failure. My mind was filled with so much commotion as I was always asked when I will be graduating, what am I studying and so on. It was the first time in my life that I got stuck with depressive emotions and had to make a decisions that will set my life.


I decided to be self-confident and accept my failures and work around my failures. I enrolled in “…..” College, and at the point I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue. While taking classes, I started working at the Assessment Center in college. By working there, I was able to develop many skills, such as working with customers, giving presentations, and taking initiative through my roles of being at the front desk, proctoring tests, and by being a test administer for Accuplacer testing. While at that time, I also started working with my friends in a new startup of online banking called “ …”. My role in the team is to develop a mobile application, which is user friendly and satisfies customer’s needs. By all the experiences that I had after my dismissal, I was able to become more confident and take initiative on what I wanted to pursue. After a lot of research, I chose to do Information Systems. My short-term goal became being enrolled at UMD again and to be a student in the Robert H. Smith School of Business, not only that but earn a masters degree in information Systems.


I wish to be a student in Robert H. Smith School of Business because it is my stepping point in life that will develop my skills, knowledge and opportunities to my future. The Robert H. Smith School of Business provides great opportunities such as the Dual Bachelors/Masters program,  and also a great preparation to stay on top of the strong revolution of Information Technology. I believe I will be able to provide a variety of skills with the latest technical skills through knowledge from the Business School. My past experiences taught me how to get back up from failures, inspired me to reach for greatness, become a better decision maker, and be positive minded. This decision that I made for my future is my hope to learn skills that will make me ready for future career and growth.  I know my academic performance is not at the standard to be in this prestigious school, but this opportunity would help me learn and lead fearlessly and follow my path that I built during my hard times.


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