Windows 10 OS migration Project Plan for Dell’s PCs

About this class:
This is an online class about MS Project 2013, which is this first sequential class for the Project Management Certificate of Completion (CCL) Program at College.

Please do:

1. MS Word document with no less than 10 full pages

1 full page Executive Summary. Use footer page. Use double spaced pages, Font Size 12 and Times New Roman Font in detailing each of the following PM areas as they pertain to the project topic:
• Executive Summary (1 full page in length)
• Scope (1 full page)
• Time (1 full page)
• Cost (1 full page)
• Quality (1 full page)
• Human Resource Management (1 full page)
• Communications (1 full page)
• Risk (1 full page)
• Procurement (1 full page)
• Integration & Stakeholder Management (1 full page).

Need to demonstrate use of formulas showing CPI, SPI, VAC, Communication Channels and EMV.

2. MS Project & other File Submission

Use Microsoft Project to build a detailed project covering your subject matter. You must use MS Project 2013. You are to include all steps, resources used, charts and other essential elements involved in your project. Make use of a minimum of five human resources (with detailed information, such as pay rates etc.), three material resources and 2 cost resources in your project, represented on the Resource Sheet. Create:
• A Network Diagram
• A Gant Chart
• Tasks (have a couple that are recurring some that are automated and have notes with dependencies and FS “Finish-to-Start” or SS “Start-to-Start” relationships. Utilize Split Tasks, Constraints, deadline dates and priorities, and use Resource Leveling)
• At least one resource over-allocation
• At least one resource that will be paid overtime
• Changed Working Times
• A Custom Calendar
• A Custom View
• A Dashboard Report
• A note on your First Task describing how you have optimized your schedule
• An Export to an Excel File

3. Excel File with all the reports from MS Project chart
Further, attached is a MS Project file with the tasks for such project which you are more than welcome to modify it if necessary. Also I have attached the Capstone Project Idea.

There are three documents needed for me to deliver.
1) The Microsoft Word document with sections listed above and appropriate detail
2) The Microsoft Project 2013 file
3) An Export to an Excel file and ALL defined reports

Additional information:

Deadline is for March 10 by 11:59pm. I should be able to detail all elements of your project in depth.
You may NOT use a real life work project, files or ANY information from a job past or present, due to proprietary issues otherwise the score will be 0.
Professor will ask questions once the capstone assignment is submitted so please keep it as simple as you can.


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