World cultures

Comparison/Contrast Assignment: Write an essay comparing and contrasting two works of art that are not only of the
same genre (portraiture, still-life, the nude, landscape etc.) but that are also about or have the same theme or
subject (for example, fruit, flowers, a biblical story, a lovers? meeting, prostitutes, nudes, soldiers, etc.) .
These two works can be from the same or different historical periods. With regard to the two works, incorporate
the following considerations into you argument: What similarities do the two works share, and can they be
accounted for historically? Secondly, what are some important differences between the two works and can they be
accounted for historically, or do they differ mainly because of each individual artist?s approach to or
interpretation of the subject? What does each artist emphasize about the subject or theme as the result of his or
her approach or interpretation? Does one of the artists have a more successful rendering of the theme or subject?
Why or why not? (consider or answer these questions, not as questions which must be answered in your paper as part
of a list, but rather in your brainstorming (prewriting) process. In other words consider or answer them as a
means of coming up with a working thesis statement.)
? Be sure to properly document your sources using MLA format.
? Remember that your introduction should include a brief summary of the work(s) that your paper will discuss,
including the title, artist, and date of the work or works.
Historical periods are: Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, Enlightenment

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