World Religion's:Create notions of how tolerance for people of other religious traditions can be built through understanding those traditions while reflecting on the value of religious tolerance itself

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A consideration of the history of world civilization as well as current world events suggests that there exists a chasm, a very wide gap, which must be crossed in order for interreligious communication to take place.

In your view, given that the different historical backgrounds and cultural settings of people around the world entail that at least some sort of gap or divide does indeed exist, should there be an effort to bridge this to allow for interreligious communication? Is closing this gap even possible?

  1. What are some specific elements that create the gap?
  2. What are some of the reasons that may be advanced in favor of interreligious communication and understanding?
  3. What are some of the commonalities among religious belief systems that might form a basis for communication?
  4. Do the differences among various religious belief systems outweigh the commonalities?
  5. Should the cultural diversity stemming from such differences be valued and maintained, or should attempts be made to overcome or even erase some of the differences that make interreligious communication difficult?
  6. Analyze differences and similarities among familiar religious traditions and other, less familiar or foreign, religious traditions.
  7. Analyze different ways of understanding the concept of the divine through cognitive, experiential, and emotional pathways.
  8. Explain how the idea of “having” or “being” a soul, conceived as the basis or essence of personal identity or ego, informs one’s worldview and behavior towards others.
  9. Analyze what the various world religions understand by the term or concept, “God.”
  10. Evaluate the value and importance of religious belief and practice in human society both historically and in the present day.

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