Writer’s choiceFoundations in Emergency Mgmt 2

2. Describe the regulatory drivers (in terms of legislative initiatives) behind the development of emergency management programs, as reviewed in this week’s readings.

3. In anticipation of next week’s reading, starting from your local community, identify each Emergency Management Agency /Governmental Authority linked in the chain to the Department of Homeland Security /Office of the President for the Declaration of a Disaster and provision of Federal Assistance.

Please know that you are not limited to the uploaded references, you can use as many other references as needed. Please make sure this paper is 100% original as it will be posted online via Safe Assign The references should within the last 7 years

read this articles in order to able to write this homework
Sylves chapter 4

Koenig chapter 12

The following links contain additional information for the topics of this module:

The Stafford Act – http://www.fema.gov/robert-t-stafford-disaster-relief-and-emergency-assistance-act-public-law-93-288-amended

FEMA – National Planning Frameworks tutorial



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