writing a thesis statement

Objective: To develop new strategies for writing a thesis statement.
Purpose: One key to writing a successful essay is to develop a focused thesis statement. This assignment will enable you to do so.
Description: For your draft 1.1, you will write a rhetorical analysis. See the description of Draft 1.1 for a discussion of what a rhetorical analysis is and what you will be expected to do.
In this assignment, you will continue your preparation for writing your rhetorical analysis by writing thesis statements suitable for it. Using three texts specified by your classroom instructor, or the three texts listed below, you will 1) identify the audience and purpose of each text and explain what those are in about 75- 100 words, and 2) create a thesis statement for a rhetorical analysis of each text.
Remember that to successfully create your thesis statements, you will need to read these texts carefully (and, usually, several times) so that you thoroughly understand the audience, purpose, and content of the texts.
Texts for your thesis statements (use only if none are specified by your instructor):
Sam Dillon, "What Corporate America Can’t Build:  A Sentence"
Karen Cangialosi, "Healing Through the Written Word"
Mary Pipher, ‘Writing to Connect"
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